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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Say it Ain't So

Well I've spent the last couple of days handling my daughters dogbite needs. As it turns out the dog's aren't licensed and aren't totally up to date on their shots. As a mother, I'm really concerned about rabies especially since it's 100% fatal. Folks have tried to assure me by making various comments, i.e., "the dog most likely doesn't have rabies," "the hard part (the bite) is over," "you don't want her to take the rabies vaccination if you don't have to," etc. However, none of this serves to soothe my mind, in fact some of it pisses me off quite frankly....especially that comment, "the hard part is over"...come on now! I did learn that generally, owners are allowed to quarantine their own dogs (what a stupid law) unless they otherwise can't/won't do so. After the end of this quarantine period the local animal control officer will observe if the animal is still alive and kicking and otherwise healthy looking...if so, this as I understand, apparently means that the animal is rabies free. Meanwhile I feel as if I'm playing some risky life threatening game of russian roulette...except it isn't a game...the life of my daughter is very real.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

See for Yourself

Nhandi at 1 day of age I thought I'd add one more so you can see the changes for yourself. This is Nhandi at 1 day old.

Meet the 5th Addition!

Nhandi at 8 weeks Here's my wonderul fifth addition...her name is Nhandi. She's coming into her own by smiling and doing lots of cooing! It's amazing how much they change in such a short period of time. She's really tempermental, that is, she's very vocal and knows how to "kick in the four barrels" (as my husband says) when her needs aren't being met.

This afternoon has been very hectic. I had to take my daughter to the hospital as she was bitten by one of two neighborhood dogs. Lucky for us the dog's owner was located nearby. Understandably, my daughter doesn't know which dog bit her as she was too busy running when one of the dogs bit her on the back.....poor thing. Now the dogs have to be quarantined for 10 days to determine if either of the dogs show any signs of rabies. In addition, their immunization records need to be verified. The screwy thing about this is that the owner is allowed to quarantine his own dogs. My question is, how is the owner qualified to determine if the dogs are okay after 10 days. At this point, I'm assuming that an Animal Control Officer is going to come out and make that determination. However, you know what they say about the word ASS U ME. Hence, I'm going to confirm the precise procedure with the Animal Control Officer and the Health Department as soon as possible. Blog on!

A Totaled Mess

Well the adjuster came out to look at the truck and it's indeed totaled. Hell, he'd only had it for three months. We're hopeful that the vehicle will be paid off. The payoff doesn't exceed the worth of the truck; however, there's apparently all these factors to consider that determine how much the value of the vehicle is. Is that total bull or what?

I missed the DNC last night as I was attending class...I wanted so much to see Teddy Kennedy and Barack Obama. Speaking of Obama...everytime I mention or think of his name...I think of...you guessed it Osama. It just can't be helped...the names are too close.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

I Will Follow Him...Follow Him Wherever He May Go

Wow! I watched the Democratic National Convention last night and I tell you.....former President Clinton hasn't lost his touch. Damn! He knows how to move a crowd. He's the greatest public speaker I've ever seen. In my opinion former President Reagan couldn't touch him with a borrowed hand. My daughter couldn't believe that he utilized a hard copy speech and a teleprompter as it was hard to decipher those moments when he occasionally glanced at those aides. It's too bad more folks can't perform public speaking as well as he can. Gotta go...the baby calls....Blog on!

Saturday, July 24, 2004

It's a Wreck

At around 12:10 this afternoon I had an aching craving for a cigarette, I got dressed and attempted to find my husband to ask him for one. As I opened the front door I saw him backing his Ford truck out onto the main road. Needless to say, I just missed him so I stood at the door and watched him as he drove up the road. As he went out of sight, I shut the door and went off to the bathroom cursing at myself for missing him. I really was craving for a cigarette. After using the potty I worked my way to the kitchen and was headed back through the house when the phone rang. It was my husband saying that he'd been in an accident. A lady had run the redlight right in front of Dave's Market located just around the corner. He was shaken and was very concerned about the little boy that had been in the other car. The little boy was bleeding from the head and had some other bruises and such. I hung up the phone, gathered myself, and rushed around the corner. The police and fire and rescue was already on the scene treating the little boy. They took him away in the ambulance. The officiating officer determined that the lady did run the redlight; thus, she was charged accordingly.

I was thankful that my husband was okay. Although I couldn't help but think about the possibility that watching him drive up the road this morning could have been the last time that I saw him alive.

Friday, July 23, 2004

The News

Perhaps it's only me...but there appears to be a rash of strange things featured on the airwaves lately. The latest news tells of a husband from Utah that reports his pregnant wife missing after she fails to return from a jog. Apparently, while volunteers are out looking for her....he's tossing away their mattress and buying a new one. To make things even stranger....he previously reports to friends and family that he was enrolled in med school this fall at UNC; however folks discover that he's not. Apparently he and his wife were scheduled to move to NC yesterday. The latest as of yesterday: He's checked himself into the psych ward of a local hospital. Question: Why do we pressure ourselves to be something we're not? What's with these men accused of killing their pregnant spouses?

What about the 16 year old in NJ (?) whose best friend's father (?) is accused of killing her. Police reveal yesterday that he was the number one suspect because he asked an acquaintance of his this question: How deep should you bury a body? What gives....get your blog on!

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Too Late To Blog

Yes it's much too late......to blog. However, this is the first available time I've had all week. I've been studying feverishly for the Real Estate class I've been taking. So far it's good....and it gets even better as the end of the class draws near. Hip hip hooray, there's only three more meetings left and I'll be finished.

Lately, I've been working on the early beginnings of a business plan. I'm anticipating that I'll be finished fairly soon...there's so much involved in the process. Despite my working on this plan, my mind still wonders what other businesses I could start with very little start up cost.

Since my layoff I've been worried about how I'm going to make ends meet. I know I'll manage because I've been without a job before..but it's only human to have doubts. I've also applied to several jobs. The main ones have been for college recruitment. I would love to have a job such as this. I've been attending college part-time since my late teens to gain my Bachelor's degree so of course I value higher education.

I'm scheduled early tomorrow to model for the art studio so......Blog on!

Monday, July 19, 2004

Hello and Welcome

Hello and Welcome to Lorie's Catch-All. I just heard about blogging last week in class (perhaps this indicates a sheltered existance) so I rushed out as soon as I could to get my blog on.