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Saturday, July 24, 2004

It's a Wreck

At around 12:10 this afternoon I had an aching craving for a cigarette, I got dressed and attempted to find my husband to ask him for one. As I opened the front door I saw him backing his Ford truck out onto the main road. Needless to say, I just missed him so I stood at the door and watched him as he drove up the road. As he went out of sight, I shut the door and went off to the bathroom cursing at myself for missing him. I really was craving for a cigarette. After using the potty I worked my way to the kitchen and was headed back through the house when the phone rang. It was my husband saying that he'd been in an accident. A lady had run the redlight right in front of Dave's Market located just around the corner. He was shaken and was very concerned about the little boy that had been in the other car. The little boy was bleeding from the head and had some other bruises and such. I hung up the phone, gathered myself, and rushed around the corner. The police and fire and rescue was already on the scene treating the little boy. They took him away in the ambulance. The officiating officer determined that the lady did run the redlight; thus, she was charged accordingly.

I was thankful that my husband was okay. Although I couldn't help but think about the possibility that watching him drive up the road this morning could have been the last time that I saw him alive.


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