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Friday, July 23, 2004

The News

Perhaps it's only me...but there appears to be a rash of strange things featured on the airwaves lately. The latest news tells of a husband from Utah that reports his pregnant wife missing after she fails to return from a jog. Apparently, while volunteers are out looking for her....he's tossing away their mattress and buying a new one. To make things even stranger....he previously reports to friends and family that he was enrolled in med school this fall at UNC; however folks discover that he's not. Apparently he and his wife were scheduled to move to NC yesterday. The latest as of yesterday: He's checked himself into the psych ward of a local hospital. Question: Why do we pressure ourselves to be something we're not? What's with these men accused of killing their pregnant spouses?

What about the 16 year old in NJ (?) whose best friend's father (?) is accused of killing her. Police reveal yesterday that he was the number one suspect because he asked an acquaintance of his this question: How deep should you bury a body? What gives....get your blog on!


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