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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Say it Ain't So

Well I've spent the last couple of days handling my daughters dogbite needs. As it turns out the dog's aren't licensed and aren't totally up to date on their shots. As a mother, I'm really concerned about rabies especially since it's 100% fatal. Folks have tried to assure me by making various comments, i.e., "the dog most likely doesn't have rabies," "the hard part (the bite) is over," "you don't want her to take the rabies vaccination if you don't have to," etc. However, none of this serves to soothe my mind, in fact some of it pisses me off quite frankly....especially that comment, "the hard part is over"...come on now! I did learn that generally, owners are allowed to quarantine their own dogs (what a stupid law) unless they otherwise can't/won't do so. After the end of this quarantine period the local animal control officer will observe if the animal is still alive and kicking and otherwise healthy looking...if so, this as I understand, apparently means that the animal is rabies free. Meanwhile I feel as if I'm playing some risky life threatening game of russian roulette...except it isn't a game...the life of my daughter is very real.


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