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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Too Late To Blog

Yes it's much too late......to blog. However, this is the first available time I've had all week. I've been studying feverishly for the Real Estate class I've been taking. So far it's good....and it gets even better as the end of the class draws near. Hip hip hooray, there's only three more meetings left and I'll be finished.

Lately, I've been working on the early beginnings of a business plan. I'm anticipating that I'll be finished fairly soon...there's so much involved in the process. Despite my working on this plan, my mind still wonders what other businesses I could start with very little start up cost.

Since my layoff I've been worried about how I'm going to make ends meet. I know I'll manage because I've been without a job before..but it's only human to have doubts. I've also applied to several jobs. The main ones have been for college recruitment. I would love to have a job such as this. I've been attending college part-time since my late teens to gain my Bachelor's degree so of course I value higher education.

I'm scheduled early tomorrow to model for the art studio so......Blog on!


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