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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

'Been a Long Time Coming

Sheew! It's been busy. I've finally finished class. The test was relatively easy...I received a 97. something something. Now I only have two credits to receive my Bachelor's. I'm happy because it's definitely been a long time coming. On the job front....there's lots of interesting jobs out in the market but so far, I haven't had any bites. I was aching to hear something from one of those college recruiting positions but I guess it ain't in the cards for me.

The children are starting school in less than two weeks. My oldest is off to college. The baby has her first cold and she's miserable trying to figure out how to breathe through something other than her nose. She continues to develop her personality...she's giggling out loud. Simply amazing! I'd forgotten how fast they develop in the first year. The 10-day quarantine period is up for the dog(s) that bit my daughter...they're living so she doesn't need to go through those dreaded shots. Thank goodness for that because I was really concerned about her health and the possibility that she would have to have the shots.

'Seems as if Mark Hacking confessed to killing his wife. That whole situation is sad and totally screwed up. I say to myself...it wasn't that serious. What was the worst that could have happened: Divorce and/or his secrets being outed. No big deal when you compare it to the reality of what has happened. His going to jail or getting the death penalty (I don't know if Utah has this) and her death. I'm hopeful that the authorities will be able to find the body and give closure to the families involved.

I wonder about what made him tell the lies that he told. On the surface one could conclude that he was trying to be what he thought others wanted him to be. Why else would he fake completing undergraduate school and being accepted into medical school. Using the information that has been revealed in the media...it just doesn't make sense. I guess it's not meant to make sense.

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